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5 Benefits of Using Asphalt Sealer December 14, 2016

West Hamilton, Hamilton
5 Benefits of Using Asphalt Sealer, Hamilton, Ohio

Driveway maintenance is one area of your home you may not think about often, but it’s necessary to apply asphalt sealer to keep it in top condition. The experts at Hamilton Rental Center in southwest Ohio provide paving and sealing maintenance supplies, as well as equipment rental, if your driveway is in need of revitalizing.

There are a number of practical and aesthetic reasons to use asphalt sealer to refresh your paved driveway, including:

  • asphalt sealingProvides Additional Protection: Asphalt sealing will prevent your driveway from fading due to sun exposure. It will also keep oil, gas, chemicals, or other car fluids from penetrating into the pavement.
  • Improves Appearance: Not only will asphalt sealer make your driveway last longer, but it will also make it look better. A coat of sealant helps it appear cleaner and just like new.
  • Makes Pavement Waterproof: Water seepage from rain and snow is minimized with a new asphalt sealcoating, which provides a protective barrier. This eliminates the possibility of freeze-thaw cycles damaging the asphalt and making cracks worse.
  • Makes Maintenance Easy: A smooth finish is easy to sweep with a broom to keep the surface clean. Dirt and debris won’t get caught in between cracks and holes.
  • Prolongs Driveway Life: Sealing helps preserve and extend your driveway’s life by preventing erosion and surface crumbling. This saves you money in the long run, as you won’t need to pay for a replacement anytime soon.

Consider sealing your asphalt driveway every one to three years for proper maintenance. Assess your pavement first: if your driveway has deep cracks or excessive wear, those issues should be fixed before sealant is applied. The professional staff at Hamilton Rental Center can provide all of the products that do-it-yourselfers or contractors need, including Tarconite® sealcoating, sealants, repair items, and tool rental. Call (513) 868-8665 or visit them online for more information about their available services and products.

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