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Charlie Chews handmade, all natural dog treats are the healthy & organic alternative to processed dog biscuits. All ingredients are locally sourced and the gourmet dog treats are handmade in Tribeca.

Minimize Your Dog’s Carbon Paw-Print & Improve Their Diet by Choosing Charlie Chews’ New Vegan Dog Treats August 27, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Minimize Your Dog’s Carbon Paw-Print & Improve Their Diet by Choosing Charlie Chews’ New Vegan Dog Treats, Manhattan, New York

Charlie Chews, a locally owned organic dog treat company based in Tribeca, is proud to present a new vegan addition to their ever expanding roster of delicious natural dog treats. Charlie Chews bases their philosophy around a commitment to locally grown produce and sustainability. Every ingredient in these all-natural dog treats is produced in the Hudson Valley and delivered fresh to your door. Instead of feeding your dog unhealthy processed dog treats, choose Charlie Chews for a sustainable and natural dog treat option.

The vegan lifestyle is something that should be shared with dogs too! This peanut butter and apple mint flavor treat will provide a vegan alternative to the processed and chemical ridden dog treats currently on the market. Eating vegan conserves energy, promotes health and does not cause nearly as much pollution as other options.

Adopting a vegan diet is also an effective way to minimize a dog’s carbon paw-print. This organic dog treat will provide many health benefits including reduced saturated fats and increased antioxidants. All the ingredients in these organic dog treats are human-grade and do not include any preservatives, food coloring, or chemicals. Treat your pooch the same way you would treat yourself and order the first batch of Charlie Chews' natural dog treats today.

Charlie Chews delivers organic treats straight from Tribeca to your door and is available in over 50 locations citywide. As Charlie Chews grows it plans to provide healthy, sustainable and locally grown dog treat options to all New Yorkers. Take a look at the website or call (212) 244-BARK (2275) today for the best vegan dog treat on the market.