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The Top 3 Reasons to Install Carpeting in Your Home December 23, 2016

Monroe, Fairfield County
The Top 3 Reasons to Install Carpeting in Your Home, Monroe, Connecticut

If you've ever stepped out of bed in the morning onto a cold, hard floor, you may have wished for the warm, luxurious feel of carpeting underfoot. Courtesy Carpet, the premier wood flooring, tile, and carpet installation company in Monroe, CT, wants you to understand that there are other great reasons to carpet your home besides warmth and comfort. This locally owned and operated company has vast experience helping customers update their flooring with quality products and affordable pricing.

3 Key Reasons To Install Carpeting In Your Home

Carpeting Reduces Noise

Hard surfaces tend to reflect and amplify sound. Carpeting, on the other hand, absorbs sound waves and creates a cozy, peaceful environment. A carpeted room is ideal for reading, studying, and carrying on conversations. Carpeting also helps prevent sound from traveling between rooms, so it improves privacy and reduces possible annoyances.

Carpeting Improves Indoor Air Quality

CarpetingAny breeze or draft can stir up the dust on a hard surface and send it floating around your house until someone eventually breathes it in. Carpeting, on the other hand, traps dust, pollen, and other microorganisms within its fibers and prevents them from escaping until you vacuum the rug. Removing these allergens from the environment improves your overall indoor air quality and reduces respiratory problems, including sinusitis and asthma.

Carpeting Cushions Falls

If someone—especially a toddler or senior citizen—should slip and fall on a hard surface, it could lead to severe bruising or worse. Carpeting is softer and much gentler on the backside than tile, marble, or wood flooring. It cushions falls and reduces the chances of serious injury.

Courtesy Carpet, the most experienced tile, wood flooring, and carpet installation service in Monroe, CT, has been satisfying Fairfield County customers since 1973. Visit their company website for contact and location details, or call (203) 261-2597 to speak to a friendly professional about your carpeting needs.

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