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3 Best Senior Care Alternatives to Assisted Living Facilities December 13, 2016

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3 Best Senior Care Alternatives to Assisted Living Facilities, Lincoln, Nebraska

When it’s time to consider the living situation for senior members of your family, there may be a fear or hesitancy to explore senior care in assisted living facilities. You may also face resistance to the idea of nursing homes and assisted living facilities from both elderly family members and others who don’t agree it’s necessary. Keep ‘Em Home Personal Care Services in Lincoln, NE, lists the three best senior care alternatives to assisting living facilities.

3 Preferred Senior Care Alternatives to Assisting Living

1. In-Home Care

Most people would rather remain in the comfort of their own home, and seniors are no different. Home aids and home care givers let senior care happen at home. These caregivers are trained as nurses and medical professionals to provide personal assistance with basic medical needs, such as drug administering. Unlike assisted living facilities that have one nurse to many patients, seniors receive personalized, one-on-one attention.Senior Care

2. Companion Care

For help with daily activities such as cooking, bathing assistance, and running errands, companion care is a fantastic option. Companion care is provided on an as-needed basis depending on the level of senior care necessary, from as often as hourly to weekly or monthly visits. There is also respite care, which provides temporary companion care when primary caregivers need time away.

3. Retirement Communities

There are communities designed to give seniors a sense of independence and provide basic necessities to facilitate their day. Meals, housekeeping, transportation, and social activities are available to assist seniors with daily tasks while maintaining an active lifestyle.

When it comes to deciding the best senior care options, consider what your elderly family members truly need. Staying in the comfort of their home helps seniors feel independent, and in-home care will provide the safety they need without sacrificing their desire for their own space. Keep ‘Em Home Personal Services has the caregivers ready to help your senior family members with everyday tasks while maintaining their quality of life at home. Call their compassionate team for more info at (402) 937-7000 or visit them online to view their in-home care services.

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