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Septic Plumbing Experts Offer Landscape Design Tips for Septic Drain Fields December 22, 2016

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Septic Plumbing Experts Offer Landscape Design Tips for Septic Drain Fields, Gig Harbor Peninsula, Washington

If you have a septic tank on your property, you may wonder what type of landscaping work you can do in the area of your drain field. Your local septic plumbing company will help you identify which portions of your property the drain field is located on, as well as what you can—and can’t—plant in those areas.

Typically, a septic tank pumping expert will recommend that you plant grass over your drain field. While this may not be as exciting as planting a garden or a tree, it’s the best option for this area of the yard. That’s because grass doesn’t require many nutrients to grow. On top of that, its roots don’t extend far, so you don’t have to worry about them growing into your pipes and damaging them. A tree, on the other hand, produces large and invasive roots, which could cause serious interference with your septic tank.

septic plumbingIn addition, refrain from planting vegetables or a flower garden near your drain field. These plants require a lot of water to grow, and too much water around your septic tank could flood the drain field. Also, you would want to avoid planting anything edible—even herbs—near your septic tank for sanitary reasons.

Besides avoiding certain plants and shrubs, you should also not erect any structures like a gazebo or a shed near a drain field or any other portion of your septic system. These heavy structures can damage the components of your system.

Although a septic tank does place some limits on your landscape design goals, by designing around the drain field, you can easily have the lawn of your dreams.


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