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How an Ornamental Iron Fence Can Improve Your Property December 12, 2016

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How an Ornamental Iron Fence Can Improve Your Property, New Braunfels, Texas

According to the fence installation experts at Shelton’s Outback Fence Co. in New Braunfels, TX, an ornamental iron fence doesn’t only make your property more beautiful – it has other benefits as well. Here, they give their thoughts on how an ornamental iron fence installation can improve your property’s appeal.

  • More Privacy: An ornamental iron fence primarily provides a visual boost to your property, but can make your home feel more private as well. When installed in tandem with bushes, ivy, or climbing vines, iron fences give a medium for the plants to fill the space and further obstruct the view of your house from beyond the property line.
  • Added Elegance: Ornamental iron fences give your property a feeling of exclusivity that you can’t get from a chain link fence. A wood fence, while charming, also doesn’t have the elegance an ornamental iron fence brings. To portray an upscale feeling to visitors and future buyers, iron surpasses many of the other fencing methods.
  • Improved Security: Ornamental Iron FenceAn ornamental iron fence installation around your property makes it more difficult for potential burglars to enter and exit, perhaps causing them to think twice before trying to break through. Many homeowners able to afford ornamental iron fences are also likely to have more advanced security systems; a fact that may give criminals pause and help protect you, your home and your property from intruders.
  • A Stronger Option: Compared to a wood or chain link fence, ornamental iron fences are stronger and more durable. They’re better able to withstand harsh weather conditions and should last for years with minimal cleaning, maintenance, and other upkeep. Sections of a wooden fence, on the other hand, often need to be replaced after some years, and are susceptible to rot and breakage.

If you want to learn more about how an ornamental iron fence can improve your home, call Shelton’s Outback Fence Co in New Braunfels, TX at (830) 608-4338. To view a gallery of previous installations or learn more about their 25 years in the business, visit their website.  Their expert consultants can help you design the perfect fence for your house’s style and property layout.

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