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Landscape Design Experts Share 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Yard December 14, 2016

East Hamilton, Hamilton
Landscape Design Experts Share 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Yard, Hamilton, Ohio

To keep your new landscape design and landscape installation thriving, you need a maintenance plan. Plant care can be partially accomplished while enjoying your yard and garden. The old saying “take time to smell the roses” doesn’t actually require you having a rose garden it merely suggests a philosophy of slowing down and enjoying your garden. And while doing so looking closely and inspecting the trees, shrubs and other features of your garden, there are steps you should take to keep your yard in top condition. Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH, has provided hardscape and landscape design and installation services for homes and business throughout the region, and they offer valuable advice for maintenance of your lawn, flower beds, and outdoor features. 

Landscape Design Maintenance Tips 

1. Water Properly 

Watering your plants is an art form — do it daily or every other day after installation. After the first month, you’ll find the most success with a deep, weekly soak. Adjust watering during warm and dry periods, and remember that too much moisture is as detrimental as too little. As a rule of thumb, let about one-third of the root zone area dry out between waterings. 

2. Watch For Diseases & Infestations 

As you water, check for signs of plant diseases and insect infestations. These indicators include wilting, pinching, black or brown spots, strange growths, and oozing. If you see a reason for concern, ask your landscape design professional for treatment recommendations like pesticides or fungicides. 

3. Maintain Mulch 

Hamilton-OH-landscape-designMulch gives your yard a pop of color and locks in moisture, but it should never suffocate plant bases or tree trunks. Ensure your mulch is spread evenly in a layer 2-3 inches deep and it is a good idea to removed some of the old mulch, by doing so you will be removing weed seeds that have blown into the landscape beds as well as making room for the new layer of mulch being applied, especially along sidewalks and driveways so the mulch doesn’t spill or wash out of the beds. 

4. Clean Water Features 

Ponds and fountains need regular maintenance to stay functional and picturesque. Scrub all surfaces of your water feature weekly to remove organic material and curb algae growth. If you see a reduction in water flow, check for clogs or leaks and clean the pump. Remove it from the skimmer or vault and disinfect it with white vinegar.

5. Consider Professional Maintenance 

Your yard be it small, medium or large, an expert landscape maintenance team will save you time and money. You can check another item off your to-do list by hiring an expert in custom landscaping and nursery care. 

Imfeld Nursery has been southwestern Ohio’s complete resource for nursery and landscaping services since 1973. To arrange high-quality, efficient landscape design, installation, and maintenance, call (513) 868-1828. To see photos of their projects, visit their website

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