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Why Your Family Needs a Primary Care Physician December 28, 2016

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Why Your Family Needs a Primary Care Physician , Juneau, Alaska

Preventative medicine is a critical component of maintaining your health, which means that finding the right primary care physician is essential. Many people underestimate the importance of having a primary care physician and just head to the emergency room when they become ill. That is not the ideal approach for health and longevity. If you need a reliable family doctor in Juneau, AK, turn to Valley Medical Care. Read on to learn what a primary care physician will do for you.

3 Reasons Your Family Should Have A Primary Care Physician

1. Better Care

primary care physicianIf you go to a different doctor every time you get sick—or postpone going to the doctor until you feel your illness warrants a trip to the emergency room—you will receive a different standard of care during every visit. None of the physicians you see will have a thorough understanding of your medical history, nor will they know enough about your lifestyle to recommend ways that you can protect your health in the future.

2. Better Communication

If you have questions about your medical history, it can be challenging to remember which doctor you saw for which condition or illness. If you have a primary care physician, though, he or she will serve as a central point of contact and will always be available to answer questions you have about your health, your past conditions, or future risk factors.

3. Better Contacts

Your primary care physician will be able to handle most of your health concerns, and if you need to see a specialist for any reason, a family doctor can refer you to a number of other qualified doctors.

If you do not currently have a primary care physician, turn to Valley Medical Care in Juneau, AK, and start taking charge of your health. Visit their website to learn more about finding the right nurse practitioner or family doctor, and call (907) 586-2434 to make an appointment today.

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