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3 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season December 6, 2016

Garment District, Manhattan
3 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season, Manhattan, New York

Avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain this year by staying proactive about your health choices. Over-consumption of sugary and starchy foods adds to your waistline, depletes your energy level, and puts you at risk for assorted ailments and conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. Help yourself remain healthy no matter how many holiday parties you attend by utilizing tips from ACCESS Nursing Services. Caregivers at this home health care service are happy to provide advice on navigating the food-laden events synonymous with the holidays.

Keep the following in mind to emerge from the holiday season happy and healthy:

  • Stay Away From Christmas Cookies: Keep cookies, cake, and other sugary holiday treats out of sight by staying away from the buffet table. Fill up on healthy options instead, such as hummus and vegetables or low-fat cheese and crackers. Eat filling-yet-healthy foods so it is easier to consume less sugar. The white stuff damages the heart, promotes belly fat, may drain brain power, and has a toxic effect on the liver among other frightening health effects.

  • caregiversLimit Your Alcohol Intake: Stay mindful about how much alcohol you consume this holiday. The body converts alcohol into sugar in addition to being a source of empty calories. Too many Christmas cookies combined with too many glasses of wine, beer, or spirits overloads your body with sugar. Drink a glass of water in between each libation to slow your intake and prevent alcohol-induced dehydration.

  • Say No To Seconds & Thirds: Prevent overeating this holiday season by distracting yourself rather than consuming second or third helpings. Play with your friends’ children, help with kitchen clean up, put on a holiday movie, etc. Fill your plate with healthier holiday foods such as roasted vegetables and eat small helpings of favorites such as mashed potatoes and mac ‘n cheese. Chew your food slowly so your body recognizes satiation. Drink water throughout your meal as well — water also helps you feel full.

Maintain your energy and metabolism levels throughout the holiday season by making healthy choices. Indulge every once in awhile to satisfy your cravings and sidestep binge eating, but mainly focus on healthy options. Exercise during the holidays and the rest of the year to maintain your weight, energy level, and overall health.

Discuss more healthy eating tips with the caregivers at ACCESS Nursing Services by calling (914) 752-2090. Visit the home health care website for a complete list of services, and like this caregiver agency on Facebook for more great tips.

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