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5 Times a Mobile Phone Repair Is Better Than a Replacement December 7, 2016

Washington, Montgomery
5 Times a Mobile Phone Repair Is Better Than a Replacement, Washington, Ohio

Sure, shiny new gadgets are always fun to have, and it might be tempting to rush out and buy a new smartphone or tablet if yours gets scratched or cracked, has a failing battery, or keeps freezing up for no obvious reason. But not so fast, warn the mobile phone repair specialists at FixAPhone Wireless in Dayton, OH. There are plenty of instances when you’d be wasting money by replacing instead of repairing your device. Consider these examples.

5 Times A Mobile Phone Repair Is Better Than A Replacement

1. The Screen Is Cracked

One of the most common mobile phone repairs involves cracked screens. The cost of the repairs will vary depending on your type of smartphone or tablet, but typically, the total will be $100 or less. That’s usually significantly less than buying a new smartphone.

2. You Need More Storage

It happens to everyone. You think you’ll have plenty of room on your smartphone to store music, apps, and photos, only to eventually run out of storage space. Rather than hand over cash for a new phone, transfer your content onto a disk or computer and delete unnecessary files. Some devices also allow you to add a storage card. Not sure how? The technicians at FixAPhone Wireless can help.

3. Your Battery Is At The End Of Its Life

mobile phone repairBecause of the seamless and sleek design of modern devices, it might seem daunting to replace the battery in your smartphone or tablet when it finally stops working for the last time.  A professional can replace a dead battery for a fraction of the cost you’d be charged for buying a new phone.

4. You Can’t Upgrade Yet

Most mobile phone providers offer a discount on upgraded phones for their customers. If you’re not eligible for the upgrade yet, you’ll have to pay full price for a new smartphone. In comparison, a smartphone repair will likely be much cheaper.

5. You’re Not Sure What’s Wrong

It can be a costly mistake to buy a new device without consulting a mobile phone repair specialist first. If you don’t know what’s causing your phone or tablet to act up, you’ll never know if there could be a simple and easy fix, such as a software update.

If your phone is broken and you want to determine whether a mobile phone repair is more affordable than a replacement, call FixAPhone Wireless at (877) 433-8833 to get a free estimate on repairs. You can also learn more about their services online.

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