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4 Car Parts You Should Understand for Better Driving December 21, 2016

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4 Car Parts You Should Understand for Better Driving, Burns, Oregon

Your car is made up of hundreds of intricate parts, and it’s quite understandable that you probably don’t have time to understand how each of these car parts works and what you need to do to care for them. However, as the team at A Parts Store - NAPA Auto Parts in Burns, OR, explains, increasing your knowledge about a few key automotive parts will make it significantly easier to keep your car in great shape for years to come.

Top 4 Car Parts You Should Understand

1. Battery

Your battery is what allows your car’s engine to start, but modern batteries won’t work if they are completely drained (like when you accidentally leave your lights on). When the electrodes on your battery are covered by sulfate, it will need to be replaced much earlier. Simply remembering to turn off your lights can greatly extend your battery’s lifespan!

2. Brakes

car partsSeveral car parts that make up your brakes, but it is important that you pay attention to your brake fluid and brake pads. Changing your fluid on a regular basis and replacing worn brake pads will keep your brakes functioning properly and help you avoid expensive repairs.

3. A/C Compressor

Few things are more uncomfortable than having your air conditioning stop working on a hot summer day. It’s a good idea to use your A/C regularly to keep the compressor from drying out—this prevents leaky seals and other problems that could compromise your A/C system.

4. Radiator

Your radiator has the important job of keeping your engine from overheating. Changing your coolant on a regular basis will keep this part working smoothly. If your radiator ever springs a leak, get a mechanic to take a look at this crucial part right away to prevent severe engine problems. 

With a vast selection of reliable agricultural and car parts, A Parts Store - NAPA Auto Parts is Oregon’s ideal stop for vehicular components. To learn more about the inventory offered by this auto parts store, visit them online or call (541) 573-2081.

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