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When to Consider a Social Security Lawyer December 20, 2016

Puyallup, Pierce
When to Consider a Social Security Lawyer, Puyallup, Washington

The US Social Security Administration is responsible for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Workers pay Social Security taxes with each paycheck they receive, and should they become disabled, the insurance provides income for those unable to work. The Social Security Act was originally drafted in 1935 and has somewhat rigid definitions of what is required to qualify.

A person is considered disabled if unable to work due to a medical condition likely to persist for at least one year and/or result in death. This medical condition must prevent them from doing the types of work they had in the past. It should also keep them from conforming to alternative work options. The SSDI Administrators and the Office of the Inspector General aggressively work to identify and prevent fraud, which makes the approval process for everyone potentially more challenging.

Those with difficulties qualifying for the program may obtain legal assistance in such disputes by retaining a Social Security lawyer

When to Consider a Social Security Lawyer

Overwhelmed by Application Process

Social Security Disability BenefitsThe application process for SSDI can be confusing and complicated. The requirements must be adhered to properly, and forms must be completed in a particular manner for consideration. You must compile substantial medical and vocational evidence, and a logical case for approval within the administrative guidelines. Many applicants may experience unnecessary delays due to overlooking or misinterpreting the application details. An attorney with experience in compiling this exhaustive, yet necessary documentation for social security disability applications can be beneficial.

Multiple Medical Conditions

Those with more than one medical condition carry the burden of compiling medical evidence from several sources. You may have a combination of physical conditions or physical conditions coupled with mental limitations which prevent you from working. The heightened complexity in these situations often calls for experienced legal assistance.

SSDI Application Denial

After putting forth your best efforts in the SSDI application process, you may be denied. If denied, you may consider help from a lawyer. The first step is interpreting the basis for the claim denial. It is estimated that merely 30% of applicants are approved during the initial request for benefits. When the administration issues you a denial, they impose time constraints and requirements necessary to dispute the findings.

Filing an Appeal

Having an attorney to handle your disability appeal may significantly improve the outcome. You must execute your appeal within 60 days, and it may be necessary to attend a hearing. Individuals in this phase may be enduring financial hardship from being unable to work at this point. Fortunately, an attorney that specializes in SSDI is likely to assume your case on a contingency basis. When the attorney takes your case on contingency, they do so knowing their compensation is received when (and if) your application is approved and a back pay award is issued.

Planning to apply for disability benefits or just had your application for benefits denied? The Social Security Disability specialists at the Rose Law Offices has been advocating for those who have become disabled for many years now. The application and appeals processes are challenging; therefore, you should not proceed on your own.  For a free consultation in Puyallup, WA, call (253) 864-0383, or in Honolulu, HI, call (808) 534-1999 today.

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