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7 Common Driving Mistakes That Lead to Automobile Accidents December 14, 2016

Bronx, New York City, NY
7 Common Driving Mistakes That Lead to Automobile Accidents, Bronx, New York

We’ve all heard the adage that driving defensively is the best way to stay safe on the road, and it’s true that while you can’t control other drivers, you can take extra measures to protect yourself. Seemingly minor mistakes often lead to automobile accidents, so it’s essential to drive carefully.

7 Common Mistakes That Frequently Lead To Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accident1. Texting

In some states, texting and driving is illegal—in New York State, for example, cellphone violations carry a 5-point penalty. Taking your attention away from the road even for a few seconds can have lethal consequences. To avoid a collision and a ticket, put your phone on the “do not disturb” setting before driving.

2. Playing Loud Music

When you’re listening to the radio or streaming music, you may want to crank up the volume when your favorite songs come on. However, excessively loud music is not only distracting, but it can also prevent you from hearing a honking horn or passing ambulance. On a similar note, you should never wear headphones while driving.

3. Feeling Drowsy

It can be difficult to gauge when you’re too tired to operate a vehicle safely. If you’re tired, see if someone else can drive, delay your trip, or pull over to take a nap. Just like drinking alcohol, drowsiness reduces your reaction time and impairs your ability to make safe decisions.

4. Traveling In Inclement Weather

Rain, sleet, snow, heavy fog, and ice all making driving significantly more dangerous. If possible, avoid driving in any inclement weather to protect yourself and others from possible injury.

5. Neglecting Car Maintenance

Schedule regular tuneups with a certified mechanic according to your vehicle owner’s manual, and address problems as soon as they develop. You should also routinely check your headlights and brake lights and replace the bulbs as necessary.

6. Having Distracting Passengers

Passengers who are loud, moving about the car, or distracting the driver are a danger to themselves and you. Ask your passengers to stay quiet and calm while you’re driving, and if you have children in the car, keep them entertained with a book, toy, or handheld video player. From a young age, teach your kids the importance of behaving responsibly in the car.

Automobile Accident7. Drinking Alcohol

We all know the dangers of drinking and driving—they can be a lethal combination. No cab fare is more expensive than the costs of a DWI conviction, automobile accident, or personal injury. You can use a free online calculator to estimate your blood-alcohol level, and there are several devices available on the market that can help you determine if you’re safe to drive. In New York State, if your BAC is above 0.08%, it’s illegal for you to operate any vehicle.


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