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Had to Call the Lockout Locksmith Again? 5 Tips to Prevent Future Lockouts December 13, 2016

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Had to Call the Lockout Locksmith Again? 5 Tips to Prevent Future Lockouts , 1, Louisiana

We’ve all been there—you get home, go into your bag or pocket, and realize that you are locked out and need to find a locksmith. If you’re located near Gretna, LA, you can call Economy Lock & Key for help 24 hours a day. This trustworthy lockout locksmith service can handle all of your lock and key needs. In the meantime, try these five useful tips to prevent future lockouts.

Get Duplicates Made

As soon as you get back into your home, go to your local lockout locksmith service and have some duplicates made. Buy key ring labels to prevent confusion down the road. Your spare keys will be of no use to you if they are not labeled.

Give A Key To Your Neighbor

Once you have a set of duplicates, give a copy to your neighbor, a family member, and a close friend. This way, you’ll have several different people you can call on for help in the event that you find yourself locked out again.

Install A Lock Box

lockout locksmithYour local locksmith usually sells lock boxes. If they don’t have any for sale, they’ll at least be able to recommend a good brand. A keyless entry can be installed on a gate, a door, or another stationary service. Keyless entry systems allow the door to be opened with a code, and they can store one of your handy keys inside. They can also provide access for cleaning professionals, dog sitters, or other technicians who may need to enter your home while you are away.

Stash The Spare In A Safe Place

Don’t even think about storing your spare key under the mat! This is the first place a burglar will look when trying to gain access to your home. Placing a spare key under a planter, tapped to the gutter, in the mailbox, or on a nearby window ledge are also bad ideas. Try placing one inside of a fake rock, in a locked utility box (that you have the code for), or inside a hidden container that is not easily spotted.

Make A Check List

The best solution is prevention. Make a mental or physical checklist to run through each time you leave the home. “Keys, wallet, phone” can be your mantra. Economy Lock & Key has great ideas for keeping track of your key that might also help.

If you do find yourself in a jam, try calling Economy Lock & Key on (504) 710-0632. Stop by the lockout locksmiths’ website for more information on their friendly staff and comprehensive services in the New Orleans area.