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Prep Your Pup for Winter With These 5 Pet Supplies & Tips December 7, 2016

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Prep Your Pup for Winter With These 5 Pet Supplies & Tips, Manhattan, New York

Bundling up and preparing for winter isn’t just for humans. Our dogs also need to be ready for the cold with the right pet supplies to stay warm all season. Here, New York’s Pet Fashion and Grooming shares the top five products and grooming tips to keep your puppy in good health this season.

Try these five ideas to keep your companion warm:

  • Proper Grooming: Don’t clip your dog’s fur too short during the cold months, especially if their breed doesn’t naturally have a heavy coat. While it’s important to maintain hygiene practices to avoid matting and dander issues, keep grooming to a trim to keep things tidy. Groom the hair around legs and the pads of their feet to prevent snow build-up during walks, and make sure no salt or sand gets trapped in their paws.
  • Pet suppliesDoggie Clothes: For smaller dogs or dogs with shorter coats, clothing will work wonders in keeping them warm. Use breathable rain gear for wet weather, and booties to protect their paws from trapping ice and salt.
  • Warm Beds: Position dog beds away from cold drafts to make bedtime cozy. Heated doggy beds are also available, which are perfect for older dogs suffering from arthritis. Clean their bedding regularly to avoid germ buildup or flea infestations.
  • Stay Indoors: Try to keep dogs inside as much as possible and bundle them up for any necessary ventures outdoors. For days that are especially snowy or cold, make daily walks brief so they can get a few minutes of relief before the cold becomes uncomfortable.
  • Indoor Games: Since your puppy’s time outdoors is limited, invest in toys you can use indoors. Smaller toys are great for playing hide-and-seek. If you have an open space, play an indoor game of fetch. Any movement will keep your puppy active when playing in the park is not an option.

New York City’s Pet Fashion and Grooming provides all of your pet supplies, no matter the season. In addition to pet supplies and accessories, they also offer dog grooming and veterinary services. The store even features a unique canine jewelry line to keep your pup looking stylish all year long. Visit their website to book your next grooming appointment or call (347) 726-9409. 

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