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Need a Catering Service? 3 Things to Look For December 7, 2016

Bronx, New York City, NY
Need a Catering Service? 3 Things to Look For, Bronx, New York

When you’re planning any type of event or gathering, the food provided should be given a lot of thought. According to Scavello’s on the Island—a restaurant, banquet hall, and catering company in the Bronx, NY—delicious food only enhances the experience. Your aunt won’t soon forget how the lasagna tasted as good as hers, and everyone at the table will rave about how tender the veal was. Good food not only gives your guests something positive to talk about, but who doesn’t love a stomach full of a flavorful, perfectly cooked meal?

Since the catering will also be where the majority of your event funding is applied, here are a few things you should look for when hiring a caterer:

  • Offers Suggestions: Planning any event can get overwhelming, and a professional catering company should help with the menu preparation by offering suggestions for your particular needs. Their past experience should give them some insight into what your guests would prefer to eat and how much you will require of each dish.
  • cateringFlexible With Menu Options: While you might lean more towards a specific type of cuisine or theme, not all palates are made equal. Although most caterers will have standard menus for you to choose from, the best ones will adapt these menus to meet your guests’ dietary needs and your specific requests. Scavello’s on the Island, for example, works with clients one on one, crafting a perfect menu that caters to your specific event and theme. Any modifications will be taken care of, and you’ll speak directly with the caterer—not a middle man. 
  • Provides A Tasting: If you have never worked with a specific catering company before, you have no idea if their food matches your preferences. Any company you might be considering hiring for your event should have no problem providing a food tasting. Also, they should be willing to let you sample specific menu items for your event and not just any random dish they might currently have prepared.

When you need catering in the Bronx, Scavello’s on the Island offers personalized menus for any occasion. To this team of caterers, it’s all about the customer, providing a unique experience so your event goes off without a hitch. Everyone at your event will be talking about how amazing the food was for weeks to come! To learn more about their menu and venue options, call (718) 885-2570 or visit them online. You can also like them on Facebook to see photos and reviews from their satisfied patrons.