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A Guide to Authentic Mexican Tacos December 6, 2016

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
A Guide to Authentic Mexican Tacos, Manhattan, New York

Tacos are a Mexican food favorite. That being said, there are various kinds of tacos available across the United States. Some restaurants offer Tex-Mex style tacos or Americanized options that are quite tasty but may not have their origins south of the border. At Casa Agave, located in New York City, they specialize in offering diners deliciously authentic Mexican tacos. 

Here are the basics on authentic Mexican tacos from New York City’s favorite restaurant:


Authentic Mexican tacos are generally served on corn tortillas as opposed to flour tortillas. Hard shell tacos are also an American invention and are not usually served at traditional Mexican restaurants. 

Meat Filling

Authentic MexicanGround beef tacos are incredibly popular in the United States and tend to be a staple at home and at restaurants. That being said, an authentic Mexican restaurant may not serve ground beef. Instead, taco meats will be stewed, grilled, or fried. Often, meat is marinated overnight in spices like chili, cumin, oregano, and paprika.


An authentic Mexican taco will contain meat and basic toppings, like cilantro and a few pieces of raw white onion. Toppings such as cheese, lettuce, or tomato are not common in tacos. 


A Mexican taco isn’t necessarily spicy; in fact, if your taco ends up being spicy, it’s typically a result of salsa added to your taco for added flavor. Salsa can vary in spice depending on the kinds of peppers and the amount used. When dining at a traditional Mexican restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask your server about spice level before munching on your meal. 

If you live in New York City, and you’re craving authentic Mexican food, from tacos and fajitas to enchiladas, call Casa Agave today at (212) 265-2229 to reserve your table. For more information on this authentic Mexican restaurant, explore their menu online

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