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How Long You Should Wait for a Tow Truck & What to Do in the Meantime December 14, 2016

Mountain Home, Baxter
How Long You Should Wait for a Tow Truck & What to Do in the Meantime, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Finding yourself stranded on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck to come along and offer roadside assistance is not a pleasant experience. However, it’s one you may find yourself in at some point in your life. If this does happen, you may wonder how long you should wait for the towing service to arrive.

Of course, the answer to that question depends on a variety of factors. First of all, you have to account for the time of day. While the driver of a tow truck should make every attempt to reach you in a timely manner, if you’re calling for roadside assistance during rush hour, you’re going to wait an above-average amount of time.

towing serviceYou also need to keep in mind how close the tow truck company is to your location. That’s why it pays to do a little bit of quick research on your phone to find a reputable company that’s also based nearby. Essentially, you should expect to wait about an hour. While that time can seem like an eternity when you’re stuck on the side of the road, up until that point, you’re within a reasonable range for this type of service.

While you wait for the tow truck to show up, if you can safely operate your vehicle, try to get it as far away from the road as possible to prevent further damage. Before the vehicle gets towed, gather all your necessary belongings from inside—you don’t want to show up at work tomorrow morning only to realize you left your briefcase in the backseat. If you have an emergency roadside kit in your car with reflective triangles and you can safely place them to indicate where you are, that’s also a smart step to take. 

If you ever need a tow truck in the Mountain Home, AR, area, get in touch with the pros at Discount Towing and Recovery. Contact them online to learn more about what they do, or call (870) 425-1775.

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