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Local Masonry Experts Project Fireplace Trends for 2017 December 6, 2016

Broad Brook, Hartford County
Local Masonry Experts Project Fireplace Trends for 2017, Broad Brook, Connecticut

Over the years, fireplaces have gone from functional components of a homestead to one-of-a-kind fixtures in interior design. Today, they both compliment personal tastes and keep families warm from autumn through spring. If you’re looking to install a fireplace in your home, the team at B & K Masonry in Broad Brook, CT, suggests familiarizing yourself with the up-and-coming industry trends.

As we savor the last of months of the year and move into 2017, this respected chimney service shares three of the most coveted fireplace features:

  • Wood Burning Stove: Transform your cooking area into a Tuscan pizza kitchen with a wood burning fireplace beside your gas oven and stove range. Add on to the old-world, rustic appeal with a family-style table and chairs, as well as a sitting area for cool autumn nights.
  • masonryFirewood Storage: As your masonry company installs your fireplace, inquire about a place to store firewood indoors. At B & K Masonry, their experienced chimney service team can easily carve out space underneath your hearth to make room for logs and kindling.
  • Master Suite Divider: For an elegant touch to your master bedroom, use a fireplace as a divider between your sleeping area and bathroom. That way, you can visually expand the room and provide heat to both living spaces.

Keeping up with industry masonry trends for fireplaces will allow your homestead to stand out from its neighbors for years to come. To learn how B & K Masonry can help, call (860) 627-5388 or like them on Facebook today.

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