Midtown East, New York
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Manhattan Collaborative Dinner November 28, 2016

Midtown East, Manhattan
Manhattan Collaborative Dinner, Manhattan, New York

RSVP: Manhattan Collaborative Dinner 12/1  (or Gotham, 11/29) 
Update: Your "Ted" Talk

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving and thanks for your commitment to our interdisciplinary work.   As we move thru the holiday season and the end of 2016, let us enjoy and learn from each other productively, even as health care continues to fragment.  Please RSVP and arrive when you are able.

I often wonder, what is the best model for what we are doing.   They are many ways to look at our dinners.  Networking is perhaps the least descriptive because only one aspect of what is possible is included.  I encourage you to look at other models.    

You all want to convey the core of your work.   You might look consider your presentations at our dinners as a mini "TED" talk.  TED is about sharing innovation in Technology, Education and Design and has inspired sometimes millions with people have something important to share in short structured presentation, usually 12-14 minutes.  

The idea is to give something of value in the talk, something that is a "take away." Paradoxically, speakers benefit from the exposure tremendously.  There is a special TED conference now on medicine, called TED MED.  If you have not seen a TED talk or a TED MED talk, please check out any one of them.  All the successful talks have one thing in common: the passion of the speakers generate trust.

Here are examples by two physicians.   See how they stay away from jargon and how their generosity pays off:  





Plan to introduce your passions or strategies or methods or innovations or an extraordinary challenge.  Plan 4-7 minutes from your mind and heart.  Rehearse. Expect questions.  Ask practical questions of others. Questions after presentations for articulation how specific health issues are addressed.    

 Additional action items: 

  1. How to best create highly functional collaborations.
  2. How to refer with a transference of good will.
  3. Using Facebook, Linkedin.com, Instagram, links to profiles.
  4. Printing from a member's profile page on metrocollaborative.com
  5. Who else would our community benefit? 
  6. Who would you like to meet at dinners?
  7. Sharing of offices, locations, staff,  marketing other resources, etc.
  8. Referrals to our other groups.
  9. Sharing posts of members on social media.
  10. In NYC, many have had open houses.
  11. See the Functional Forum talks.
  12. Find work/life balance, wellness for better proformance.
  13. A separate web site for branding your group?
  14. Last but not least, consider Co-leading or leading a retreat with our infrastructure and marketing support at our facility, villaserena.com

Few dispute that our health care is in need of an interdisciplinary approach. Our collaborations work, on a referral basis as well on for education and community. In NY, DC, VA & MD we see successes even from diverse disciplines. Your feedback, input is always welcome.

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