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In The Glow Wednesday November 23, 2016

Tipp City, Miami
In The Glow Wednesday, Tipp City, Ohio

Leighton’s Corner

“In our business there are a lot of things that we cannot control. Locations are 100% lit after we leave, only to get a call that there is a bulb out. The same goes for signs, fixtures, and ballasts. We sometimes put a specific type of lighting solution up only to hear that the customer does not like the look. The list goes on and on and on… and on!

I believe that the most important part of every business are the employees. Some may argue that customers are the most important. The better the employees, the more customers that we will have! The worse our employees are, the higher the likelihood that our company will be less successful. Seeing that we are employees, we need to focus on the things that we are in control of. Attention to detail is important because this is what saves a company money to make service and opportunities greater. For us, little mistakes such as errors in time tracks, errors in how product codes are placed in the system, errors in filling out paperwork etc. keeps us from maximizing our opportunities. Errors interrupt a smooth working day because someone has to fix those errors when they could be working on other things. Efficiency is defined as “Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.” Let us continue to strive for excellence!”   Leighton


“In The Glow” is LeVeck Lighting’s monthly newsletter for it’s employees. Leighton Smith, Field Service Manager,  is featured with his own column for our Lighting Technicians.

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