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3 Auto Upholstery Repair Tips to Revive Your Car's Interior December 9, 2016

Howard Beach, Queens
3 Auto Upholstery Repair Tips to Revive Your Car's Interior, Queens, New York

Whether you purchased a vintage car that needs some love or your existing car is showing signs of wear and tear on the interior, auto upholstery repair can make your ride look as good as new. Jeff’s Detailing Center in Queens, NY, knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to repairing car interiors.

Here, they share three auto upholstery repair tips that will make your car sparkle:

  • Clean The Upholstery Before Beginning Repairs: Purchase an upholstery cleaner at a trusted interior detailing shop like Jeff’s Detailing Center that is designed for the specific material of your car. Before cleaning, spot-check the cleaner on a small, unnoticeable area just to be sure it won’t cause any damage. You will be stunned at how a little bit of cleaning can make your vintage seats shine!
  • auto upholstery repairPurchase A Leather Repair Kit: If your car has leather upholstery, a leather repair kit can be a lifesaver—especially for small areas of damage that can’t be repaired by sewing. You can purchase a leather repair kit at most car detailing shops. The kit will include a plastic substance that you can match to the color of your car seats and then apply to the damaged area. This works best with black or white leather upholstery.
  • Don’t Use Glue: Glue may seem like an easy fix to repair upholstery, but fight the temptation to use it! Glue is particularly bad for vinyl upholstery, as it can destroy the foam padding under the vinyl cover, causing significant damage. Instead, use an adhesive that’s specifically designed for the type of upholstery in your car.

Still have questions about auto upholstery repair? Call (718) 529-5900 today to speak with an experienced professional at Jeff’s Detailing Center in New York City. You can also learn more about interior detailing services on their website.

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