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Benefits of Kids Tennis Lessons From the Pros At Elf Tennis January 30, 2013

Tribeca, Manhattan
Benefits of Kids Tennis Lessons From the Pros At Elf Tennis, Manhattan, New York

Elf Tennis is the only portable tennis school that offers tennis lessons in NYC tailored just for kids. What makes Elf Tennis unique is their ability to conduct lessons and clinic sessions anywhere, such as gymnasiums, schoolyards, churches, synagogues and daycares. Elf Tennis utilizes small foam balls and nets to cater to younger children, but children of all ages can experience the benefits of learning this exhilarating sport.

Elf Tennis discusses some of the major reasons why kids should begin playing tennis:

  • Tennis enhances aerobic fitness by burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness.
  • Tennis improves hand eye coordination. Judging the speed of the ball as well as timing your swing quickly is key to an effective playing style.
  • Tennis increases flexibility. With constant stretching and maneuvering to return volleys, children become more comfortable and agile as they develop and mature.
  • Tennis, much like any sport, teaches kids the value of a diligent work ethic. Children progress through lessons and practice help reinforce the value of hard work.
  • Unlike team sports, tennis allows children to practice and play one on one. This helps them realize their own individual potential. In addition, playing doubles helps kids learn how to play together.

Elf Tennis brings the benefits of tennis straight to your children, and can be used to help children become more active and enthusiastic about exercise. To schedule your next tennis instruction session anywhere in your neighborhood, check our Elf Tennis.

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