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Missouri's Restoration Cleaning Experts Explain the Effects of Water Damage November 30, 2016

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Missouri's Restoration Cleaning Experts Explain the Effects of Water Damage, Columbia, Missouri

While running water is as essential to the modern home as electricity, our homes are designed to carefully direct liquid into designated channels. Showers and sinks run through drain pipes to septic and sewer systems, roofs lead runoff into gutters and downspouts, and sump pumps move seepage away from basements and into safe drainage fields.

When any of these complex systems break down, a home may sustain water damage, leaving the property and its inhabitants susceptible to a host of problems. Luckily, ServiceMaster of Columbia is one of Missouri’s leading restoration cleaning companies—available 24 hours a day to help clients in Boone County address damage from floods, leaks, and fires. Below, they explain some of the negative effects of water damage in a home.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Water Damage?

Appearance Issues

Damage occurs when moisture makes contact with surfaces or items that aren’t water resistant. In cases of severe flooding, this can translate as permanent discoloration of furniture or carpets, stains on wooden floors, warping of building or flooring materials, and unpleasant odors.

Sanitation Problems

Water damageDepending on the source, water damage can also pose a multitude of sanitary problems for a home. Sewage leaks, for instance, may expose your home to harmful bacteria—putting your family’s health at risk without prompt treatment from a water damage restoration specialist.

Black Mold & Other Health Concerns

One of the most troublesome risks of untreated water damage is the growth of black mold, which develops from moisture left behind after water is gone. While its presence is not immediately obvious, over time, black mold releases toxic spores which cause a number of respiratory and neurological symptoms.

Fortunately, water damage restoration experts like ServiceMaster of Columbia have the expertise and equipment to address these issues when a water damage emergency strikes. Visit their website to find out more about their services, or call (573) 443-8383 at any time to schedule an emergency cleanup.

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