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The Dangers of Damaged Trees December 5, 2016

Broken Arrow, Tulsa County
The Dangers of Damaged Trees, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Do you suspect a tree in your yard is damaged, diseased, or dying? It’s a good idea to contact a professional tree service as soon as possible to avoid harm to you or your family, additional trees becoming infected, or complaints from your neighbors.

D & S Tree Service specializes in tree removal, stump removal, and emergency tree services for both businesses and homeowners in Broken Arrow, OK and surrounding cities. Their tree removal experts recommend contacting a professional as soon as you notice a leaning tree, hanging dead branches, or lots of insects gathering at the base of a tree.

Here’s why you should hire a tree service company as soon as possible:

  • Damaged Trees: Sometimes, bad weather rolls through Oklahoma, leaving damaged trees in their wake. Car accidents can leave casualties in the form of damaged trees on private property. No matter what the cause, this could be an accident waiting to happen. A leaning tree could be so unstable that it might fall without notice, damaging your home or people. Dead, hanging branches could also fall without warning, injuring you or your family. A tree service such as D & S Tree Service can determine whether the tree should be trimmed or removed. 
  • tree serviceDiseased Trees: Just like humans, trees are vulnerable to diseases and fungus. A warning sign is the gathering of insects around the base of the tree, unusual growths, rotting wood, and dead limbs. Disease can make a tree unstable, and it can even spread to other trees in the area. A tree removal company can safely remove a tree and greatly reduce the risk of it spreading before infecting other trees on your property.
  • Dying Trees: All trees exhibit signs of death differently. However, the most common sign of a dying tree is when its leaves fall off and won’t grow back or if it has brittle or no bark. Trees can also die for many reasons, including exposure to too much water, disease, and inadequate nutrients in the soil. The good news is that dying trees are sometimes treatable, which is why you shouldn’t delay in calling a professional tree service for help. Dying trees can become an eyesore and affect the curb appeal of your home.

If your trees are damaged, diseased, or dying, you should contact a tree service as soon as possible. D & S Tree Service can provide tree removal or trimming as needed. Call (918) 200-8937 to speak to a specialist.