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Urology Specialists Explain Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed January 10, 2017

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Urology Specialists Explain Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed, High Point, North Carolina

From a young age, many of us end up feeling ashamed or embarrassed about certain bodily functions. So, when problems such as incontinence or urinary tract infections come about, far too many patients delay seeing a doctor. If shame has ever stood in your way of seeking medical help, Medical Center Urology will help you release it. The High Point, NC-based urology specialists know it’s imperative not only to assure patients of their professionalism and confidentiality, but to reiterate that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Here’s why seeing a urology specialist is no different than seeing any other doctor:

  • Non-Judgmental Treatment: Urology specialists are professionals. Not only does that mean they’re highly knowledgeable and trained in cutting-edge treatments, but they will conduct themselves in a professional demeanor. No one will laugh or make you feel judged. Part of being a medical professional means being the right mix of objective and compassionate—your urology specialist genuinely cares about helping you and considers your problem objectively and scientifically.

  • urologyAll Symptoms Are Important: Sometimes, patients only mention certain symptoms and withhold embarrassing ones. For instance, a patient may mention experiencing incontinence, but feel too ashamed to mention that it includes fecal incontinence. Omitting symptoms will only prevent your urology specialist from planning best possible treatment. It may be embarrassing to admit some things outside of the hospital,  but once you’re inside the doors, it’s safe to mention every symptom as though it were on equal footing with any other.

  • You Aren’t Alone: In many respects, people have more in common with each other than they like to talk about. About one in four American women over age 18 experience incontinence, and on average, they wait over six and a half years before seeking a urology specialist. Among both men and women, over a quarter of Americans suffer from urinary incontinence. In people over age 65, over half struggle with bladder and bowel incontinence.

If you struggle with incontinence, UTIs, or erectile dysfunction, be honest with your urology specialist and don’t delay setting up your appointment. For more information about their discreet and high-quality care, call Medical Center Urology at (336) 882-0220, or visit the High Point, NC, clinic online.

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