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5 Steps to Take After an Arrest, From Lexington's Top Bonding Company December 6, 2016

Silver Hill, Davidson
5 Steps to Take After an Arrest, From Lexington's Top Bonding Company, Silver Hill, North Carolina

Being arrested can be scary and stressful, and you may not know where to turn for help. Allied Bonding Company in Lexington, NC, offers affordable bail bonds to help residents of Davidson County get out of jail as quickly as possible. If you remain calm and follow a few key steps, an experienced bonding company will ensure your release.

5 Post-Arrest Recommendations From A Bonding Company

1. Do Not Resist

Always cooperate with police during an arrest, even if you think it’s unjust. Fighting with officers will not help your case and may result in an additional charge of resisting arrest.

2. Provide Only Information Necessary To Set Bail

Give the arresting officer or station clerk only the information they need to set bail after your arrest, such as your name and address. You also may be asked to provide the name of a friend or family member to be informed of your arrest, and this person can work with a bonding company to arrange your release on bail.

3. Remain Silent

Lexington-NC-bonding-companyFor the utmost protection of your rights, say nothing beyond a request for a lawyer. Police officers may want you to incriminate yourself, so resist the urge to respond to them without consulting an attorney.

4. Use Your One Phone Call Wisely

You have the right to one phone call after being arrested, so contact someone you can rely on for help, like a family member, lawyer, or bonding company.

5. Get The Name & Badge Number Of The Arresting Officer

Upon being arrested, you have the right to request the arresting officer’s name and badge number. This information also may be on your citation or arrest report.  

If you’ve been arrested, Allied Bonding Company will arrange your release from jail as quickly as possible, letting you return to work and prepare to defend yourself in court. To speak with a bail bond agent, call (336) 239-2270 or send a message online, where you’ll find more information about their services.