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Learning Can Be Fun! 3 Benefits of Using Puppets To Teach Preschool Kids December 9, 2016

Manhattan, New York City, NY
Learning Can Be Fun! 3 Benefits of Using Puppets To Teach Preschool Kids, Manhattan, New York

When your child goes to preschool, they will embark on a wonderful learning adventure filled with new challenges, great opportunities, and of course, lots of fun. One of the ways that preschool teachers today teach new concepts is through puppet play, which has been shown to be an effective mode of communication for teachers and parents alike. Penny and the Puppettes is an entertainment troupe that offers puppet shows for birthday parties, book stores, festivals, and even school classes, so that kids can have a great time while learning something new. Here are three powerful benefits of working with professional children’s entertainment to teach kids in preschool classes.   

1. Expose Kids To Art & Music

During puppet shows, the kids in your class will be able to enjoy great art and music. From the creative shapes of each puppet character to the jingles that the puppets sing throughout the children’s show, the kids in your class will love all of the colors, songs, and decorative backdrops presented during each performance.

childrens entertainment2. Help Kids Develop Their Imaginations

When children are small, their brains are growing at an incredible rate, which is why exposing them to creative instruction early is so important. When kids watch puppet shows and explore new concepts, they develop strong imagination skills that they can use every day.

3. Approach Difficult Topics In A Comfortable Way

Penny and the Puppetts offer a wide range of show themes, ranging from somber topics to new concepts that kids might struggle with. Before each show begins, the puppeteers will do a short skit to introduce the topic. Every show is age appropriate for the kids in your class, and the puppeteers work hard to involve the kids watching the show.  Puppet shows are a great way to explain things in a comfortable, friendly, fun way, which is why they are an essential tool for preschool teachers.

If you are looking for a creative way to teach the children in your school something new, reach out to Penny and the Puppettes in New York. With a team of enthusiastic, friendly puppeteers who are excited about their jobs, they can make any event memorable and fun for even the youngest children. Learn more about their shows by calling (917) 474-9364 or check out their website

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