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3 Steps to Finding the Best Attorney for Your Personal Injury Claim December 9, 2016

Columbia, Howard
3 Steps to Finding the Best Attorney for Your Personal Injury Claim, Columbia, Maryland

Insurance companies keep a staff of trained experts on hand to save the company money. When you file a claim for compensation with an insurer, these experts will do everything in their power to pay you as little as possible. To receive a full and fair settlement award for your personal injury claim, you need a personal injury lawyer that can go toe-to-toe with the insurance company’s experts.

Finding the right attorney can mean the difference between winning your claim and losing entirely. But how do you know which attorney is the best choice for your particular case? Plaxen & Adler of Maryland put together these tips for finding a personal injury lawyer who will provide you with the best possible chance of success.

3 Tips For Finding The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Meet With The Potential Attorney Face-To-Face

personal-injury-lawyer-Columbia-MDAny great personal injury lawyer will offer a free initial consultation. Take advantage of this offer to sit down and speak with your potential attorney face-to-face. Find out if this attorney is the type of person you can work with. Did the attorney and their staff value your time and treat you with compassion? If not, you can expect more of the same down the road if you choose to hire them.

2. Ask About Their Personal Injury Experience & Track Record

Use your initial consultation to find out how many personal injury cases your potential attorney has worked on before. Find out if any of those cases were similar to yours, and ask about the outcomes of those cases.

3. Follow Up With A Phone Call

One of the most important aspects of any attorney-client relationship is communication. Attorneys are notoriously busy people, and that means they may not be able to take all of your calls right away. Before you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent your case, ensure your potential attorney will return your calls in a reasonable amount of time.  

The personal injury lawyers at Plaxen & Adler have over 30 years of experience representing injured clients in cases dealing with everything from slip-and-fall accidents to product liability injuries. Set up your free initial consultation today by calling (410) 730-7737 or visiting them online.

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