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3 Reasons Hearing Testing is Essential to Your Child’s Wellbeing November 28, 2016

Strong, Rochester
3 Reasons Hearing Testing is Essential to Your Child’s Wellbeing, Rochester, New York

If hearing testing isn’t already a component of your child’s routine wellness check, it should be. Hearing loss is a condition which can easily go unnoticed, thereby impacting your child’s development and day-to-day routine. The caring team of professionals at Rochester Hearing & Speech Center wants to make sure that every child in the area of Rochester, NY, has access to the resources they need for optimal audial health, which includes regular hearing testing.

Below are three reasons why hearing loss should be tested for in every child:

  • It Can Develop Long After Birth: While hearing loss is the most common congenital disability in the U.S., it can develop later in childhood, too (source: Hearing and Balance Lab). Thus, even if a child passes a hearing screening when they’re born, circumstances like ear infections, disease, trauma, and genetics can lead to hearing loss at a later stage. Regular Hearing testing should be done throughout childhood to screen for any loss that may have occurred.
  • Even Mild Conditions Create Challenges: Hearing loss doesn’t have to be severe to result in issues like speech and language delays. Mild hearing loss can impact a child’s developmental capabilities, which can affect emotional wellness and academic performance.
  • Early Intervention Is Best: With routine testing, hearing loss can be identified early. Caught in its early stages, your child can get any treatment they may need, such as hearing aids or speech therapy, hopefully minimizing any deficits that might develop due to hearing loss. By working with a trained audiologist, a child has much greater odds of overcoming the challenges of hearing loss and developing critical skills than they would if the condition were to go unnoticed.

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