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3 Tips for Keeping Your Items in Unheated Storage During Winter December 7, 2016

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Items in Unheated Storage During Winter, Anchorage, Alaska

Storage units are great places to keep your furniture and other belongings when you are in between places or out of room in your home. However, if you choose to put your items in an unheated storage unit during the winter, you will have to be a little more diligent on how you prepare your items before packing them away.

3 Tips For Storing Your Items In An Unheated Storage Unit During Winter

1. Keep Out Moisture

unheated storageThe biggest obstacle you will face with an unheated storage unit is moisture, which damages wood furniture and various other objects. To protect your belongings from moisture, cover the floor of the unit with a plastic sheet or another material that can keep out water vapor. Next, add wood pallets to the floor so your items will never actually sit on the floor of the unit. Finally, instead of placing your things in cardboard boxes, which are prone to absorbing moisture, opt for sealed plastic containers.

2. Clean & Cover All Furniture

To protect your furniture, especially wood pieces, clean (and wax, if possible) every item to reduce the likelihood of developing mold or mildew while they are in storage. After they have dried, cover furniture with a cloth or blanket to protect it from dust and scratches. Then, place them in the unit as far from the door as possible in case rainwater leaks in.

3. Place Electronics In Original Packaging

When possible, store electronics in the original boxes they came in. This will offer them the best protection. Untangle all cords and wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them safe, and add more bubble wrap or packing peanuts to boxes with extra space. Store all boxes off the floor to give them the best protection from moisture.


Whether you need a heated or unheated storage unit for keeping your items this winter, International Self Storage and Dimond Mini Storage in Anchorage, AK, have the cleanest facilities at great rates. To learn more about these self-storage units, call (907) 563-3827 or (907) 522-1443. Visit them online to read about the unique services provided at each location.

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