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Learn Why an Actor Headshot Is Your Most Important TooI December 7, 2016

Long Island City, Queens
Learn Why an Actor Headshot Is Your Most Important TooI, Queens, New York

As an aspiring actor, your headshot can make or break your career. While auditioning for gigs, quality actor photos show off your radiant smile, looks, and personality, so you can stand out among a sea of other talented auditioners.  Luckily, with Long Island City’s Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography, there’s no need to fret about your actor photos. The area’s premier photographer will cover your needs for a wide array of events, from birthdays and wedding to that all-important headshot.

Working with each client individually, this multi-talented professional will ensure that you get an eye-catching headshot that shows off your unique look. If you’re an aspiring actor, read ahead to learn why a headshot is your most important tool:

  • First Impressions: Whether you’re searching for an individual gig, a casting director, or an agency, your headshot is the first impression they’ll have of you before they ever get the chance to experience your skills. Since they search through hundreds of applicants daily, first impressions occupy the majority of their time. Usually, casting directors make decisions before ever meeting the applicant; a simple glance at your headshot can make or break a gig.
  • HeadshotImpact On Auditions: In the acting world, your headshot is even more important than your resume. Since people respond so strongly to visual stimuli, actor photos have a major impact on potential agents and directors. Steer clear of blurry, unprofessional photos, and put your best self forward.
  • Components Of A Quality Headshot:  Out-of-date photos are unacceptable, so keep it current. If a haircut or color makes a significant difference in your appearance, it’s time to return to your photographer. Make sure that your personality shines through too, as it will make a casting director more likely to work with you. A bland look and bored expression aren’t going to catch anyone’s eye, but a bold, beautiful smile will.

In need of a quality headshot? Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography is your go-to source for actor photos, party and wedding photos, and so much more. Visit his website to experience his work firsthand, or call (917) 692-5737 to schedule your session today!