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Study Skills for Academic Success November 18, 2016

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
Study Skills for Academic Success, Cambrian Park, California

Having strong study skills is a vital element of academic success, helping make your student more effective in every area. At Study Wizards Tutoring, we're committed to helping students throughout the San Jose, CA, area achieve their academic goals by offering the high-quality tutoring and test prep. Our expert tutors have a few tips to help them study smarter, not harder, and take a lot of the frustration out of your studies.

To improve your student's academic performance our study skills tutors recommend the following:

Spacing Out Your Study Sessions: If they try to accomplish all of their studying and homework at once, they'll likely forget most of what you learn. Instead, break your study time into shorter, more frequent sessions. This will help avoid fatigue and improve mental processing.

Setting A Schedule: Plan your studying time ahead, and encourage them to stick to their schedule. Setting aside a specific time will get them mentally ready and make their studying time more effective.

Making It A Part Of Your Life: When they study at the same time every day, your coursework becomes an integral part of their daily routine, making it easier to keep up with and commit to.

Setting Goals: No matter what subject they're studying, setting a specific goal makes for an easier session. Feeling as though they're making progress is an important part of maintaining their motivation.

Study Wizards Tutoring provides in-home tutoring services to students of any skill level. Whether you're looking for a skilled study skills tutor for math, reading, writing, or other courses, our professional, experienced tutors offer the support you need. Please visit to learn more, or call us at (408) 883-8660 to talk with a tutoring consultant today.