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3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Early Childhood Development December 8, 2016

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3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Early Childhood Development, Whitpain, Pennsylvania

Enrolling your children in an early childhood development program can help you set them on the path to a solid education. At Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse in Blue Bell, PA, the goal is to provide children with a nurturing, positive, and trustworthy environment in which to learn.

There are many benefits of early childhood development programs at Montessori schools, including:

  • early-childhood-developmentStimulates The Learning Process: Many core skills are learned in kindergarten. It’s a time when the brain develops and learns to comprehend different situations. During early childhood development programs, kids are exposed to both academic and social environments that encourage the development of their cognitive and emotional skills.
  • Builds Character: These programs also allow children the opportunity to engage with other kids that are not their siblings—who are, in fact, complete strangers. By learning to communicate effectively, share with others, and develop friendships, children become more socially aware and establish skills they’ll need throughout their lives.
  • Helps Kids Adjust: Kids who have spent time in an early enrichment program are likely to feel more comfortable when they enter kindergarten and progress through elementary school. This is because they’ve already been exposed to the learning environment, other children, and teachers. The experience isn’t new to them, so there is less of a learning curve involved—and many issues they might otherwise experience in older grades are eliminated during the early years.

Nothing prepares your children more than enrolling them in an enrichment program and witnessing the tremendous growth in both academics and social skills. At Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse, you can count on the professional staff to give your kids the space they need to grow—but also provide them with the support and learning opportunities they need to become outstanding students. For more information on this Blue Bell Montessori school, visit the website or call (610) 275-1775.

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