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Cost Considerations of Granite vs. Quartz Countertops January 30, 2017

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Cost Considerations of Granite vs. Quartz Countertops, Anchorage, Alaska

Revive the look and functionality of your kitchen with new countertops. Granite and quartz countertops are two aesthetically-pleasing options from Rino’s Tile & Stone offering the power to transform your kitchen. If deciding between the two has come down to cost, review what the experienced team at the Anchorage, AK, tile business wants you to know. The contractors remain celebrated for providing the most advanced custom fabrication services in the northern state.

The following are just a few factors that determine cost when choosing between these two materials:

  • Square Feet: Granite slab countertops can range from $50 to over $100 a square foot, depending on factors such as material quality and edge treatment. If you desire more complicated fabrication around the edges, granite will cost more. Factors such as color, pattern, and manufacturer also affect cost. Quartz usually costs about the same as granite at around $60 to over $100 per square foot, depending on whether the material is on the high or low end of the quality scale.
  • Installation: Both countertop options are very heavy and hard to maneuver, and they subsequently require professional installation that adds to your final cost. Estimates vary according to material, backsplashes, size, and edge treatments. Both materials cost around the same to install—a safe assumption is to add $20 per square foot for installation cost.
  • countertopsMaintenance: Maintenance plays a small role in overall countertop costs, as both granite and quartz require little upkeep. Quartz is naturally non-porous and resistant to staining without sealing, while granite requires annual re-sealing to resist stains. Quartz damage needs professional repair, while granite scratches and cuts are usually remedied with epoxy or resin.

There isn’t too much difference between granite and quartz countertop cost, but the considerations of material, size, fabrication, and a handful of other factors should always be kept in mind. Discuss your kitchen vision with the experts at Rino’s Tile & Stone to come up with an affordable countertop solution that meets your appearance and practicality needs. The locally owned and operated company features an impressive slab yard with stone that matches every taste and budget, and they provide the meticulous, beautiful installation services while upholding the team’s quality standards.

For more on granite countertops, quartz countertops, and other stone materials available through Rino’s Tile & Stone, please call (907) 743-1075 or “Like” the counter installation company on Facebook.

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