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There?s a reason why people think PINKBERRY when they think of frozen yogurt. Pick out of several delicious flavors, add some toppings, and enjoy cold desserts from the PINKBERRY on 32nd st in Koreatown.

Tart Vs. Sweet: Which Is the Best Frozen Yogurt Flavor? November 17, 2016

Koreatown, Manhattan
Tart Vs. Sweet: Which Is the Best Frozen Yogurt Flavor?, Manhattan, New York

When it comes to frozen yogurt, everyone has their own unique tastes. Some like flavors that are tart, while others like ones that sweet. So Pinkberry wants to know: what do you think is the best frozen yogurt flavor?

Tart, Sweet, & Everything In-between

Pinkberry prides themselves on their best frozen yogurtdiverse selection of frozen yogurt flavors. Next time you try one of their “just fruit” recipes, like Strawberry, Peach Passion, and Tropical Mango. Need an extra kick or tart? Add a bit of Lemonade! If you’re looking for something creamy rather than tangy, check out their sweet-inspired menu. Frozen yogurt enthusiasts everywhere love their Sea Salt Chocolate and Green Tea Latte options. Can’t decide? Mix tart and sweet frozen yogurts together to create a new, unique flavor!

Sample Them All At Your Local Frozen Yogurt Shop

Whatever flavor your taste buds are craving, you know you’ll always find the best frozen yogurt at your neighborhood Pinkberry. Stop by for some today!