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5 Top Ways to Prepare for Math Tests November 17, 2016

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
5 Top Ways to Prepare for Math Tests, Cambrian Park, California

If you're a student and you want the highest math marks possible, learning the 5 top ways to prepare for math tests will help you to boost the odds of success. The best math students know how to get ready for tests and this type of preparation usually begins well in advance of test days!

To help you develop the right study habits and do better on upcoming math tests, we've put together a quick guide which is packed with practical advice from our team of San Jose math tutors. Our caring pros offer private tutoring and the math help that they provide is definitely affordable and simple to access. Without further ado, let's look at 5 top ways to prepare for math tests...

1.) Do Your Homework

It's pretty easy to procrastinate when there is homework to be completed. However, breaking away from procrastination will be the best way to improve your math test scores.

Doing your homework on time is vital. When you do complete homework after it's assigned, according to the timeline given to you by your math teacher, you'll learn as you go, instead of needing to "cram" at the last minute. You'll learn at a measured pace, instead of trying to take in too much information right before a test!

Training yourself to be disciplined about doing homework is really your best defense against a bad test score in the future. In general, you shouldn't do math homework for more than sixty minutes each night. So, shoot for homework sessions of an hour of less.

2.) Always Show Your Work

When you are doing math homework, make sure that you write down every phase of trying to solve a problem. Don't leave out any steps. It's important to get into the habit of showing your work, as you may get partial credit for solving a section of a problem on a math test, even if the final answer is incorrect.

Another great reason to show all of your work is that, once you've checked the answer to a problem, you may retrace the steps in order to see exactly where you started going wrong. You may then go back to the last correct step and try again. If you don't have a record, it will be hard to do this.

3.) Memorize Math Jargon and Formulas

When it comes to mastering math, it's really important to know the lingo. Terms used in the practice of mathematics are something that you should be very familiar with. As well, the most commonly-used formulas should be memorized or kept close at hand until they are memorized. If you frequently find yourself wondering what a specific math term means, or what a formula is, take the time to memorize what is relevant. It will give you a sense of control and help you to solve math problems accurately, in less time.

4.) Find a Serene Study Space

Studying math effectively requires a lot of focus and deep thought. This is why we don't recommend studying at a busy coffeehouse, where people are wandering around, or at a table at a bustling school cafeteria. Some libraries are quieter than others, so these spaces may or may not be serene. In general, it's best to study somewhere private, such as your bedroom, with the door closed, music turned off and smart phone tucked away. By taking away distractions which are barriers to learning, you'll do yourself a big favor.

5.) Access Expert Tutoring

Math is really hard for some students. Some people have the genes to perform math very well, with minimal teaching or studying, while others find it a challenge. If you're one of those who find it challenging, you should know that accessing professional math tutoring will be the secret of making math easier. You will access expert assistance from someone who is great at math and knows how to help people who aren't. Having a tutor to talk to and work with will give you confidence and it may make all of the difference, whether you're looking to pass a course or to become the best math student in your class.

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