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How Often Should Residential Roofing Be Replaced? November 24, 2016

Miamisburg, Montgomery
How Often Should Residential Roofing Be Replaced?, Miamisburg, Ohio

As a homeowner, maintaining the roof over your head is priority number one. But how soon should that roof be replaced? R. Campbell Roofing has dedicated more than half a century to providing customers with reliable, professional, and affordable residential roofing services. Located in Miamisburg, OH, they are proud to say many of their clients are second generation customers—a true testament to the ethics of modern business.

When asked how often a household roof should be replaced, these seasoned professionals recommend about every 20 years. However, many factors go into that broad answer. Here, they reveal a few pointers to consider when it comes to your residential roofing.

residential roofingThere are many times when a quick fix seems like the better option. While you may be thinking of the faster turnaround time and instant savings, consider this: if you already have the roofing contractors on your property, complete with their ladders, scaffolding, and tools, it might be more cost-efficient to have a new roof installed. This is especially true if it’s been many years since your current roof was installed. If it’s over a decade old, you may have the roof repaired only to discover another problem six months later. In the end, the price you pay for those fast solutions will add up to half of what a new roof costs.

If it’s time to consider a new roof, many options in today’s residential roofing market can extend the lifespan of your home’s most important fixture. For example, clay tiles are not only good for twice as long as asphalt shingles, they are also fire retardant. Wood shingles are often functional for 30 years and add considerable value to a home resale price and curb appeal.

No matter what your preference, your best bet will always include an experienced and reliable roofing contractor’s opinion. R Campbell Roofing stands ready to provide insight into your individual roofing needs. Give these commercial and residential roofing professionals a call at (937) 866-1371, or visit the website to learn more.