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A Family Law Attorney Explains 3 Key Factors That Affect Child Custody November 29, 2016

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A Family Law Attorney Explains 3 Key Factors That Affect Child Custody, Canton, Georgia

Filing for divorce can be intimidating, but a good family attorney will keep it from being overwhelming. The Family Law team at Bray & Johnson in Canton, GA, will help you sort things out and move on with your life. They’re experts at handling complicated family law issues like child custody and visitation, child support, etc., and they will guide you through every step of the process as these crucial points are settled.

3 Factors That Affect Child Custody & Visitation In A Family Law Case

Where The Child Goes To School

The goal of any custody arrangement is to look after the best interest of the child, which is why one of the biggest factors in determining primary custody is where the child attends school. If your child is settled in a school they love, the court will probably award custody to the parent who can continue the child’s education there.

Who Provides Daily Care

Canton-GA-family-lawA family law attorney will determine which parent provides the majority of the child’s daily care and work to ensure that’s considered when deciding custody. For example, if one parent is used to getting the kids ready for school and has time to help them with their homework, it makes sense for the court to grant custody to that parent.

Who Has The Most Suitable Financial Situation

Although finances might seem insignificant when it comes to determining child custody, the financial status of each parent and their ability to support dependents are considered. If your spouse is between jobs and struggles to pay bills, you might have a better chance of being awarded custody.  

With over 40 years of experience assisting Canton-area residents with family law issues, the divorce attorneys at Bray & Johnson will help you achieve a satisfactory resolution. To schedule a consultation, call (770) 479-1426 or send a message on their website, where you can find more information about their domestic lawyers and their services

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