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5 Important Signs You Should Contact an Electrical Contractor November 30, 2016

Texarkana, Miller
5 Important Signs You Should Contact an Electrical Contractor, Texarkana, Arkansas

There are projects around your home that the do-it-yourselfer has plans to finish. Working on your home’s electrical system is not recommended for the novice handyman. Safety should be the primary concern when working with electricity. You should always contact a qualified, licensed electrical contractor to implement any electrical projects in your home

Signs You Need An Electrical Contractor

Too Many Extension Cords

Over 3,000 electrical fires occur in the US annually that are attributed to extension cords. An excessive need for extension cords is an indication that your home has too few power outlets for your needs. It is important to remember a couple key safety issues:

  • Never plug one extension cord into another to extend it to a needed distance.
  • Do not use 3-prong plugs in 2-prong outlets or sockets.
  • Check the cords for fraying or splitting, which may expose wiring.

Dimming Or Flickering Lights

Electrical ContractorAre you noticing that you are unable to operate two electrical devices or appliances at the same time? Examples would be that your microwave shuts off when the vacuum cleaner is operating, or lights dim when the microwave is operating. These are likely indications that you are overburdening the circuits or wiring.

Odors From Switches Or Outlets

If you detect a burning smell emanating from an electrical component, turn off the power at the electrical panel. It is possible that an outlet or device is faulty and possibly overheating. This can also indicate that the conditions are such that an electrical fire may begin.

Blown Fuses & Tripped Breakers

Circuit breakers are intended to automatically “trip” or turn off; however, it should not occur very frequently. If you find yourself manually reactivating the switch at the electrical panel box, it is probably best to have an electrician inspect it for problems

Buzzing Or Vibrating Sounds

Are your devices, appliances, or lights emitting an unusual buzzing sound or appear to be vibrating? This is a likely sign that either the unit itself has a malfunction, or there is a potentially hazardous wiring concern. Either way, the electrical system in that area should be examined by a professional electrical contractor.

When your electrical system exhibits signs of problems, it is best to contact an electrician. At Service First Electrical & Plumbing we have been providing responsive and professional electrical service in the greater Texarkana area since 1967. For your convenience, we offer emergency electrical service that can be scheduled 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Contact our experienced team today at (870) 775-1035 for all your electrical service needs.