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3 Tips For Pulling Off White Clothes After Labor Day November 29, 2016

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
3 Tips For Pulling Off White Clothes After Labor Day, Manhattan, New York

Wearing white after Labor Day has long been seen as an unforgivable faux pas, but is it really? New Paradise Men’s Spa, a local destination for men’s massage and other spa services, doesn’t think so. With these guidelines, you’ll be rocking New York City style year-round.

How To Wear White After Labor Day

1. Choose Seasonally Appropriate Pieces

It goes without saying that white shorts and boat shoes are probably not what you want to be wearing in colder weather. Avoid lighter fabrics, like linen, in favor of knits and wool. A crisp white button-down shirt is an easy way to test the waters, while a white sweater or hoodie will keep you warm and stylish without looking like you think it’s still July. Even classic white jeans have become increasingly popular.

2. Mix With More Traditional Items

SpaOf course, you don’t need to dress in white from head to toe. Wearing darker colors in your outfit and embracing some of the more traditional “common wisdom” about winter fashion can make the outfit less risky and also help you feel more confident. Pairing a dark blazer with white jeans, for instance, adds stylish contrast.

3. Consider Warmer Shades

While bright white isn’t off-limits, there’s a reason why cream and off-white get a lot of play in the colder months. This palette is a classic for winter and is an easy way to wear the color without looking as harsh as the driven snow.

Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself is an overlooked part of your total wellness. Many men also miss out on the benefits of spa treatments, like men’s massage, manicures, pedicures, and facials. New Paradise Men’s Spa is the best spa catering to men in New York City. You can learn more about their services on their website, or call (646) 559-1621 to book an appointment. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more men’s wellness tips.

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