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5 Winter Driving Safety Tips From XL Auto Service & Tires December 5, 2016

Hopewell, Ontario
5 Winter Driving Safety Tips From XL Auto Service & Tires, Hopewell, New York

Winter driving can be treacherous in New York with the freezing temperatures, icy roads, and lake-effect snow. That is why XL Auto Service & Tires, the premier tire dealer and auto repair shop in Canandaigua, NY, offers the following winter driving safety tips. Since 1996, this family owned and operated shop has provided Ontario County residents the highest caliber auto services in the region.

5 Important Winter Driving Safety Tips

Keep Your Tank Full

Keep your gas tank at least half filled at all times. That way, if you become stranded or stuck in snow, you have enough fuel to run your heater and stay warm. When idling, be sure your tailpipe is clear of snow to prevent carbon monoxide buildup inside the vehicle. 

Winterize Your Car

Winterize your car by filling your windshield fluid reservoir, replacing your wipers with winter blades, and having a tire dealer help you choose high-quality tires. Before the snow flies, take your car to an auto repair shop for a tuneup so you know it is running properly, and top off your vehicle's antifreeze.

tire dealerReduce Speed

Posted speed limits are meant for dry pavement. Reduce your speed when roads are covered in ice or snow, and leave plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you in case you must brake suddenly.

Be Cautious On Bridges

The roads over bridges and overpasses tend to freeze more readily because they are not insulated from below by earth and soil. Be particularly cautious when crossing over highways, rivers, and railways.

Don't Pass Plows Or Salt Trucks

Avoid passing salt trucks or snowplows. Not only do they kick up slush and snow that impair your vision as you pass, but the unplowed and unsalted roads in front of them are often more dangerous to drive on.

XL Auto Service & Tires, one of the most experienced tire dealers and auto repair shops in Canandaigua, NY, have spent more than 20 years helping local drivers keep their vehicles in top condition and stay safe during hazardous winter road conditions. Visit their website for contact information, or call (585) 396-2610 to speak to a friendly professional about the auto services you require.

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