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What Makes New York Pizza the Best in the World? November 29, 2016

Westchester Village, Bronx
What Makes New York Pizza the Best in the World?, Bronx, New York

When it comes to pizza, debates over which U.S. city does it best can be heated. But here at Emilio’s of Morris Park in the Bronx, we think everyone can agree there is something special about the pizza in New York—something that just can’t be replicated anywhere else. We understand the special ingredients that go into making the delicious pizza people from around the world travel to New York to eat.

Here are three elements that make New York pizza so tantalizing:

  • Water: There’s something in the water in New York. What does water have to do with pizza, you may ask? In short: everything! Water is what binds the ingredients in the dough together. The chemicals in the water impact the flavor of the pizza, so using water from California to make your pizza is going to produce a different flavor than using water from New York. Don’t believe us? Read about this California pizza chef who pays $10,000 a year to bring in water from New York to make his pizza dough.
  • Best Ingredients: Many pizzerias in New York import their ingredients directly from Italy. You just can’t beat that kind of authenticity. If you’re looking for fresh ingredients and delicious New York-style pizza, try a pizzeria like Emilio’s of Morris Park.
  • pizzaOlder Ovens: This may seem counterintuitive, but when it comes to pizza, older ovens actually produce a more flavorful pie than fancy, state-of-the-art new ones. Over time, the oven captures particles of the many pizzas cooked inside of it, which adds a unique flavor to new pizzas. Many New York pizzerias have been in the pizza business for decades and are still working with their original ovens—which is part of the reason their pies are so delectable.

If you want to sample authentic New York pizza at one of the city’s most beloved pizzerias, stop by Emilio’s of Morris Park in the Bronx. You can call us at (718) 822-6758 to find out more about our delicious offerings, or visit our website to view the full menu.

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