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LED-Light Emitting Diodes November 15, 2016

Tipp City, Miami
LED-Light Emitting Diodes, Tipp City, Ohio

LED- Light Emitting Diodes

You hear LED everywhere today. In a world that is constantly promoting green technology, energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint, it is not always easy to determine what role we can play in all of this.

Like Saint Mother Theresa always taught, do what is needed in front of you. This would certainly change the world if applied globally. But her message is simple and applies everywhere. Do what is needed in front of you.

How can you reduce? You can start with your lighting. Everyone has lights in their homes and offices. By simply changing out your lighting, you can make a difference a multitude of areas.

First, you can reduce the energy you are using, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. By how much? Well, that will depend on the size of your project. But whether you are retrofitting your entire office, or just the lighting in your home, it does make a difference. LED’s use less electricity, have longer lives, produce very little heat, have no mercury, and they operate better in extremely cold environments. These benefit everyone.


A common statement we hear is “But the LED bulbs are so much more expensive!” Well, it may appear this way at the time of purchase, but they truly are cost effective in the big picture. Take these EIKO LED7WA19 Bulbs. They are a cost effective LED solution for replacing bulbs such as a 40W or 60W standard incandescent A lamp. They are also 80% more efficient, as well as having thirty times longer life than these bulbs. Aesthetically it still has the natural A lamp shape.


Think of it as an investment. The energy savings realized in a switch to LED is often paid back rather quickly, and you’ll wind up saving money over the life of the bulb.

In many cases, commercial and residential projects may qualify for rebates or incentive programs. LeVeck Lighting Products, Inc. is a partner with energy companies to work to find you the most savings. To find out what programs you are eligible for, give us a call. 1-800-824-3615.

Have more questions? Visit us at LeVeck Lighting Products, Inc. www.leveck.com 

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For other fun ideas on how to save money...Visit http://www.justenergy.com/blog/8-energy-hacks-that-will-save-you-money/

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