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Powerful Preschool: 3 Incredible Benefits of Early Socialization November 28, 2016

Flushing, Queens
Powerful Preschool: 3 Incredible Benefits of Early Socialization, Queens, New York

You enrolled your little one in a top preschool to get them ready for Kindergarten, but did you know that a great preschool program could actually benefit them socially? Crayon Box Preschool in Flushing, NY, focuses on providing a well-rounded early childhood education centered around helping kids to develop strong social skills.

Here are three incredible benefits of early socialization:

Improves Social Skills Throughout Childhood & Adolescence

When your child talks and plays with other kids at Crayon Box Preschool, they learn essential interpersonal skills that will benefit them throughout their childhood and adolescence. Experts explain that children learn the four C’s of basic social skills (communication, confidence, cooperation, and curiosity) when exposed to early social settings. Children who have the opportunity to master these skills will be able to approach new social situations calmly and interact positively with others, helping them to build friendships.

Reduces Separation Anxiety

PreschoolDo you ever have a hard time dropping off your child at preschool or leaving them with a new babysitter? Separation anxiety can range from a few muffled tears over you leaving for date night to full-blown temper tantrums when you leave the room. Fortunately, early childhood socialization can ease separation anxiety.

When children build friendships in school, they look forward to talking and playing with other kids and don’t worry as much about what their parents are doing. Also, since early social skills also encourage appropriate behavior, your child might think twice before throwing a fit in front of their classmates.  

Encourages Problem Solving

One of the most powerful benefits of early socialization is the fact that your child will learn crucial problem-solving skills. When your child talks, plays, and works with other kids, they learn how to overcome disagreements, make the best out of any situation, and resolve simple problems.

Encourage your child to make new friends and learn new life skills by enrolling them in preschool. Staffed with NYS certified teachers who are dedicated to early childhood growth, Crayon Box Preschool in Flushing is where your kid can blossom. Visit them online or contact them at (718) 888-9341 to register your child. 

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