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3 Ways to Safeguard Your Business With Exterior Lighting From Quantum Electric March 8, 2017

Austin, Austin-Round Rock Metro Area, TX
3 Ways to Safeguard Your Business With Exterior Lighting From Quantum Electric, Austin, Texas

Exterior lighting should do more than add aesthetic appeal to your business—it should provide security, deterring criminals and trespassers from taking advantage of poorly lit areas. The problem is, too much light can also aid unwanted activity while running up your utility costs.

Fortunately, a commercial electrician from Quantum Electric can help you install the perfect type and amount of exterior lighting for your business near Austin, TX. Rather than installing lights that create blind spots and shadows where criminals can gain entry, your electrician will inspect your business and help you think strategically.

Consider these tips when designing an exterior lighting strategy:

  • Add Motion-Detected Lights: If you’re concerned about running up your power bill, motion sensors are an excellent solution. Outfitting the perimeter of your property with motion sensors means exterior lighting will only come on when triggered by movement. This feature can startle trespassers and prevent break-ins.
  • exterior lightingPosition It Out of Reach: Exterior lighting that hangs too low can easily be tampered with, which is why most commercial electricians recommend installing it out of reach. Possible options include vapor-tight light sconces, angle shade gooseneck lights, and high-mounted lights with protective guards.
  • Consider All of Your Building’s Access Points: Do you have an obscured entryway that isn’t used often? Are there any windows or doors out of sight from the road or parking lot? Walk around your property with an experienced electrician to spot areas that might be appealing to thieves. An exterior lighting professional might be able to identify areas you could easily overlook.

Installing the ideal amount of exterior lighting will prevent crime and help your employees and customers feel safer. To discuss your lighting needs, speak with a licensed electrician at Quantum Electric by calling (512) 246-1145 today. You can also learn more about their services online.

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