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5 Ways to Care for Fresh-Cut Flower Arrangements November 25, 2016

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5 Ways to Care for Fresh-Cut Flower Arrangements, Port Jervis, New York

It’s no secret that a bouquet of flowers is perfect for virtually any occasion. And for the pros at Lauren Grove Florist, nothing is more beautiful than flower arrangements straight from the garden. But when you’re giving someone roses, a gift basket, or any other type of natural special occasion gift, how do you make them last?

Here, Laurel Grove Florist, the go-to New Jersey flower company, gives five helpful tips for keeping your fresh-cut bouquets blooming and beautiful:

Cut The Stems Immediately

As soon as you receive a flower arrangement or bouquet, cut each stem on a slant and submerge them in clean, lukewarm water. The diagonal cut of the stem exposes more surface area for the thirsty flower to drink in water. Then, recut each stem every two days to keep flowers from drying out.  

Change Water Often

Just like any other type of standing water, what you put your flowers into can quickly evaporate and grow bacteria. Replace vase water frequently and to clean the vase or container with each water change. 

Keep Leaves Trimmed

Flower ArrangementsRemove all leaves that may end up submerged in water inside your flower vase. Soggy leaves or buds can quickly get moldy and contaminate the rest of the water. 

Feed Flowers Frequently

Flowers aren’t just thirsty; they’re hungry, too! Feed them packets of flower food every few days to keep them looking their best. 

Recycle Dried Flowers

If you can’t part with your flower arrangements, consider recycling your dried flowers. Especially in the case of funeral flowers or other sentimental bouquets, keeping dried petals and framing them, creating caches, or using them for crafts can be a great way to preserve the memories.  

For more tips about caring for fresh-cut flowers and other beautiful bouquets, call the experienced florists at Laurel Grove Florist. The team takes pride in growing, delivering, and creating show-stopping flower arrangements, gift baskets, and garden plants to happy customers throughout Port Jervis. Call (845) 856-2713 or visit their website to learn more about their wide variety of floral offerings. 

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