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3 Tips From Wilson’s Auto Care Pros to Prepare Your Car for Winter November 28, 2016

Wilson, Teton
3 Tips From Wilson’s Auto Care Pros to Prepare Your Car for Winter, Wilson, Wyoming

Winter is the most challenging season for driving. With the help of an auto care specialist, though, you can be fully prepared for the inclement weather to come. Based in Wilson, WY, Rabbit Row Repair has become known as the region’s top auto company. Whether you need an oil change or a brake repair, the professionals will have your car in great shape.

The Rabbit Row Repair team is providing a list of three key auto care tasks to help your car prepare for the cold. 

  • Engine Fluid Check: With the frigid temperature of winter, it’s crucial to make sure you defend your engine from freezing. A frozen engine while driving has the potential to cause a serious accident. By driving over to Rabbit Row Repair, you can have the professionals replace your old antifreeze, which loses effectiveness over time. With a new batch, your engine will thrive, even as it gets colder. auto care
  • Tire Maintenance: The onset of winter brings about slippery roads from all of the snow. To safely navigate this treacherous terrain, it’s important to have your tire pressure checked. When the pressure is too low, it becomes hard to gain traction, increasing the chance of you losing control. After the Rabbit Row Repair team pumps up your tires, ask them to take a look at your tread depth to ensure the material can handle the road. 
  • Windshield Fluid Replacement: Your windshield wipers are some of the most effective defenses against the tricky visibility that winter presents. If you leave in your fluid from spring or fall, it becomes vulnerable to freezing, dangerously impairing your ability to see the road at all. Swapping out your current liquid for one optimized for the cold temperatures will allow your wipers to do their job when called upon.   

To prep your car for winter the right way, head over to Rabbit Row Repair. You can reach the auto care specialists by calling (307) 773-4331. For more information about the company, visit the website

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