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5 Essential Pet Supplies for New Owners November 25, 2016

Washington Heights, Manhattan
5 Essential Pet Supplies for New Owners, Manhattan, New York

Welcoming a new furry friend into your family is exciting, but it’s also a big responsibility. Before you bring your new puppy or kitten home, purchase all the necessary pet supplies so they will be comfortable and safe in your house. Pet Fashion and Grooming, New York City’s go-to animal experts, have a checklist of items to buy for your new pet.

Here are five essential pet supplies you should purchase before you bring your furry family member home:

  • pet suppliesFood & Water Bowls: Your pet should have a food and water bowl. If you’re not sure what size to purchase, a trusted pet supply store will offer advice.
  • Food: Have a solid stock of food in your home before you bring your new pet home. There are numerous types of food you can select, so do some research about the brand that’s right for your pet.
  • Collar & ID Tag: A high-quality collar and ID tag with your contact information are essential for any pet, even indoor cats. If your pet somehow escapes, this will help anyone who finds it know who to call to reunite you.
  • Pet Carrier: A sturdy pet carrier is a must-have for all new pet owners. Carriers come in different sizes for a variety of pets and are particularly useful when you have to take yours to the vet or on a long trip.
  • Bed: Give your new pet a warm and cozy bed to curl up in and make its own. Consider placing the bed in a “protected” place like in the corner of your living room or your bedroom to give your pet a sense of security.

Still have questions about what essential pet supplies to purchase? Call (347) 726-9409 to speak to a friendly staff member at Pet Fashion and Grooming in New York. With nearly a decade of experience, they know exactly what your pet needs to live happily and healthily. Visit their website for more information.

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