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Home Pest Control Experts Share Ways to Keep Critters Out This Winter November 28, 2016

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Home Pest Control Experts Share Ways to Keep Critters Out This Winter, Perry, Georgia

When the temperatures start to fall in the South, insects and rodents start searching for a place to take shelter in the winter. Instead of letting these critters into your house or office, the home pest control team at Bridges Termite & Pest Control in Perry, GA, recommends taking action to prevent their entry and discourage their presence.

Here are a few ways to safeguard your home against unwanted vermin this season:

  • Seal Off All Entryways: You’d be surprised how easily insects and rodents can make their way into your home, even if you’ve installed weatherproofing around your windows and doors. Walk around the perimeter of your home and seal up any potential entryways, from tiny holes and cracks to gaps in your roofing or chimney.
  • Store Food In Airtight Containers: Pests come into your home for one of three reasons during the wintertime — food, water, and warmth. To eliminate their food source, place all food in sealed containers to prevent them from sensing its presence in your pantry.
  • Install Gutters & Downspouts: Insects love to burrow down into yard debris to take shelter from the cold, feast on their prey, and even breed and lay eggs. Most home pest control companies will encourage property owners to divert all rainwater off of their property to prevent this.
  • home pest controlStore Firewood Away From The House: Wood piles can be mighty appealing to rats and bugs, for they’re the perfect place to take shelter and find food all winter long. Make sure to stack your firewood at least 20 feet away from the house, and keep it off of the ground if possible.

Keep your property safe from termites, ants, rats, and mice this winter with help from a home pest control company. To speak with the exterminator at Bridges Termite & Pest Control, call (478) 987-1955 or visit them online today. You can also find the experts on Facebook and Twitter.